Top 10 Golf Tips From the Pros

Golf pros are the ideal place to look for golfing tips. Who knows better how to improve your game than the experts who have played at the highest level? We've compiled a list of tips to help improve your game. There's sure to be a few that you haven't yet tried.


10 Golf Tips From Professional Golfers

  • Organization is Key. This rule applies to every area of your life so it's no surprise that it works in golf. Make sure your clubs are organized. The time you take hunting for the right club ruins your concentration. Your game will improve if you stay focused.

  • Practice Putting. People spend a great deal of time improving their swing but you'll use your putter more on the course than anything else. Work on your short game as much or more than you work on driving.

  •  Know Your Conditions. A lot of people want to swing harder or use more strength when it's windy. The wind won't impact the trajectory of the ball. A good tip might be to use a heavier club, but don't force the swing.

  •  Level Up With Better Players. It might be fun to win, but you won't improve unless you challenge yourself. Look for players who match or are more advanced than you. You'll learn from watching them and it'll motivate you to improve.

  •  Practicing Your Grip. Whether your grip just needs work or you need to train your hands to adopt a new grip, it's important that you get comfortable with the grip. You can work on the grip when you're not golfing by practicing at home.

  •  Visualization. Golfing is as much a mental game as a physical one. The simple act of visualizing each hole, each stroke of a game will help you improve. You can also visualize your course when working on driving skills at the range or your short game.

  •  Putting Around the World. We're mentioning putting twice because it's that important. One great exercise to improve putting skills is lining up balls in a circle around the hole, 3 to 5 feet away. Simply move around the circle, from one ball to the next, trying to sink the putt.

  •  Take Lessons to Improve. Lessons aren't always necessary, but it's a quicker way to improve because you're learning from someone else's expertise. Often, if you have a faulty swing, the only way to improve is by working with someone who can see the faults and help you correct them.

  •  Buy the Right Clubs.You don't need the most expensive or best clubs on the market, but a good set of clubs will help you improve your game. On the flip side, spending a ton of money on clubs won't help you if you don't practice or work on your skills.

  •  Smooth Swing. Your swing should move in one fluid motion. If you feel yourself adjust or there is any falter to your swing, it's a pretty good sign your stance is wrong or something is off.

If you're looking for more tips or one on one guidance, taking lessons with a seasoned pro could be a great edge to help your game.