Mindfulness: Can You Improve Your Golf Game by Practicing Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a tool that many people use to set intention, to become more mindful of their surroundings, and to improve their ability to do many things. Mindfulness helps you gain focus, and can bring you a sense of peace that allows you to move forward through your day with a clear mind. Many people who play sports have turned to mindfulness training as a way to improve their performance, whether on the baseball field, tennis court or golf course. You can improve your golf game by learning some basic mindfulness skills.

Set Your Intention

Have you ever tried putting the ball and your mind keeps telling you, "I'm going to miss this shot, it's too hard" and then you miss the shot completely? This is basically the opposite of mindfulness at work. What you think "I'm going to miss" is carried out by your actions. If you take the time to set your intention, "I can make this shot. It's an easy one. I have this skill" you will take away that negative thought process that can prevent you from making an easy put. It takes time, but your intention matters. Your faith in your ability to make a shot can make all the difference.

Envision Your Swing as Perfect

When you get ready to drive the ball, do you suddenly become nervous and your back tightens up? Take a deep breath before you take a swing. Address the ball. Envision your swing in a smooth arch, a swing that feels great as you go through the motion. Take another deep breath and know that your swing is going to be an excellent one. You have been practicing and you have a strong swing. Allow your body to relax, and take the swing with the knowledge that you know how to swing effortlessly.

If You're Unfocused, Take the Time to Center Yourself

Mindfulness isn't always easy to practice. If you are on the golf course and your game isn't going as you want, you can help yourself gain some focus by taking deep breaths. Breath in through your nose, hold the breath for two seconds and let it out your mouth. Take about 5 of these breaths to calm down your nervous system. This deep breathing will help you focus, and get you ready to take your next golf swing.
Some of the best golfers in the world are the ones who can stay calm and focused during their game. They practice mindfulness techniques, whether they identify them as mindfulness or not.