Easy Exercises to Increase Your Golf Swing Power

When you’re working on your golf swing, keep this Arnold Palmer quote in mind: “Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.” That being said, we will be going over some exercises designed to put more power behind your golf swing in just a moment—but while keeping in mind that it’s all about finding your perfect swing plane.
To boost your drive, you have to focus on generating more distance. That distance is generated by adding a controlled power to your swing. Giant arm muscles won’t get you any further on the green because the power of a golf swing is generated with leverage and speed rather than strength.
These resistance-training exercises will strengthen your body for speed and accuracy rather than weight. You want to streamline yourself to improve your driving power. Try these exercises in three sets of ten, three times a week:

Hip Rotation Medicine Ball Throw

Your hips are the powerhouse of your golf swing. Your hip exercises should still be focused on resistance rather that weight, but if a set of these exercises is easy for you, try a heavier medicine ball:
  • Select a medicine ball that is heavy enough to provide resistance. It should pull on your arms, but not your back when you lift it
  • Holding the ball, squat with your knees bent slightly further than your normal golf stance
  • Hold the medicine ball out directly in front of you, with your arms straightened
  • As hard and fast as you can, rotate your hips and throw the medicine ball at the wall in front of you
Make sure that you are rotating only your hips, forcing them to do the work instead of your shoulders. Once you have completed a full set, do the same throw while rotating your shoulders instead—this helps balance your workout and simulate a golf swing.

Basket Ball Swing

This drill is done while in your normal golf stance. It sounds easy, but if you’re not feeling the burn after a few sets, try sinking a little deeper in your stance.
  • Perform your normal golf swing while holding a full-size men’s basketball
  • At the bottom of your swing, throw your ball as hard and fast as you can at a spot about three feet in front of you
  • Repeat

Resistance Cord Pull

  • Loop a resistance cord around something stable and take your gold stance, holding the band directly behind you with your left hand
  • Pull your left hand forward with an explosive motion, and then slowly return to your original position
  • Alternate using your left hand (or right hand, for left-handed players) and both hands to simulate an actual golf swing.
  • If you don't feel the pull, or you want to up your resistance, just take a few extra steps forward to increase the tension in the band.
As you're doing these exercises, remember that form is vitally important. You don't want to strengthen the wrong muscles and put your swing off balance or injure yourself. If you cannot correctly complete a set of these exercises, adjust your stance or reduce the amount of weight or resistance until you can complete them without sacrificing form. 
Do as much as you're comfortable with and stay safe while you exercise! Nothing will ruin the power of your drive swing like a strained back muscle or hip flexor.