Four More Reasons Kemper Lakes Is Perfect for a Corporate Event 

When planning a corporate event, there are some key factors that will help you book the right venue. Location, food, accommodations and staff are fairly obvious checks on the list, but there are a few specific items that may be easy to overlook. The best way to avoid any mishaps is to investigate the venue and talk with the staff before finalizing the arrangements. Kemper Lakes’ corporate event space in Kildeer, IL can seat hundreds in a single beautiful place, but there are some less obvious reasons that it really is perfect for your needs.


Sometimes plans will change rapidly and unexpectedly. No matter how well you try to anticipate everything, having adaptability at your beck and call is essential to executing a successful event. A veteran staff can be immensely helpful in this regard. Additional seating arrangements, flexibility with the timing and dining alternatives can be important, but perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is the ability to alter presentation. Whether you are booking entertainment or you plan some business demonstrations, this is the area where change tends to happen in the most unpredictable fashions. A venue that can help in this area is invaluable.


While finding a venue in a good place with beautiful views or the right seasonal climate is nice, this is referring to something else. Making sure participants and guests can reliably find the venue is very important. Sometimes, when trying to maximize the charm of the venue, it is a little too easy to find something excessively obscure. An ideal location is current on GPS and navigation websites (like Google Maps), and the staff will be able to provide maps and/or reliable directions to anyone having trouble plotting the right course. Try a quick online search of Kemper Lakes’ corporate event space in Kildeer and see what you find.


Even when the corporate event is not intended to be lavish, this is important. Professional venues will typically be ensured for their scope of service, but it is important to make sure your guests are covered against mishaps and that you will not be at a total loss if the unexpected cancels or reschedules the big day. It is not uncommon for venues to place some of the burden of insurance on the hosting party, so this is an important discussion. It is usually easy to pair with talks of cancellation fees and other similar topics. Who foots the bill if a fire system activates? Kemper Lakes hosts nationally acclaimed events regularly, so while this conversation is vital, you can rest assured that they have the right expertise.


This one requires you to have a clear idea of presentation methods before you sign the paperwork. Live music requires very different sound quality than a typical PowerPoint presentation. It is ok to be ambitious and plan for multiple types of presentation, but it is usually best to discuss your plans with the venue coordinator. They will be your best resource to avoid calamity and help you get the most out of a banquet space like Kemper Lakes.
Planning your corporate event will require a lot of work. Adding these considerations to your existing concerns can help you account for every possibility. When the plans are laid correctly, your event can be a smashing success and worth every effort.